All participants must enter Tanglewood Park through the BACK ENTRANCE off of Idols Rd.

You will not be ale to enter Tanglewood Park at the entrance on Clemmons Rd/Hwy 158! There will be a police officer and a volunteer located there handing out directions to the back gate.

The gate on Idols Rd will open at EXACTLY 10:00PM and close at EXACTLY 11:45PM.

Directions to the Back Gate entrance:

If you are traveling I-40 East, Take Exit 184, turn RIGHT and drive through the town of Clemmons
If you are traveling I-40 West, Take Exit 184Turn LEFT and drive through the town of Clemmons

Go through 3 stoplights, continue until the road dead ends and TAKE A RIGHT
You will be on Idols Rd
Go approximately 1 mile and you will see the back entrance gate house on your RIGHT

The back gate entrance and exit is used for Running of the Lights participants/spectators/volunteers ONLY.